Asterisk Solutions has recently started the development of software for various organizations around the world as per their requirements. We have an IT team comprising of 18 engineers having experience in Java, QA, Data Bases and Web development.
Usually the projects undertaken by Asterisk Solutions carries three main parts. One being the development part and the other being Maintenance of the software. The third part includes changes, up gradations and add on’s as per the requirements of the end user.

We have a dedicated team for Web development for PhP and Cold Fusion where we specialize in not only Layouts and taxonomy, but also development and CSS. We not only understand the requirements of the ever changing customer but have extensive experience of developing projects for US based companies which specializes in Retail Management Softwares, Customer Resource Managements etc.

We have experts in Java for core development not only in J2EE but have extensive experience in working platforms of J2SE.

We have specialists in SQL and have done extensive work in not only development of Databases but also in the administration of it.

Quality is very important for any software and therefore we have a team of Quality Assurance each one QTP certified to ensure the quality of the product in timely fashion.

We have a non exhaustive list of clients which include small corporations and large conglomerates mainly Retail Management Companies.