Network technology has expanded to include cable, satellite, mobile cell, and standard internet protocol. Most network service providers are expanding into all areas of telecommunication. This has created one-stop shopping for customers, which allows for entertainment, phone, and computer networks to be managed by one company.
IPv4 Brokerage & Delegation Ever expanding bandwidth requirements require provisioning of IP addresses. IPv4 has already been capped on 4.3 billion addresses and all the markets especially the emerging markets require additional addresses as IPv6 requires altogether change of infrastructure. Asterisk Solutions joining hands with Larus are able to address any provisioning of IP addresses whether that be on Lease or a Buyout. Unlike other companies there is no requirement for tedious procedures with respective RIR’s (APNIC, RIPE, ARIN, AFRINIC, LACNIC). All responsibilities are taken by us for ASN transfer, Geo Location change, Whois databases etc. In short end to end solution is provided to the customer.