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Asterisk Solutions is an IT company working in Pakistan where we provide solutions ranging from small components to High End computing machines. In addition there is an adequate range of Storage Solutions keeping in view the corporate needs of the present day market. We have collaborations with various vendors around the globe in the field of Information Technology with a board range of products that transforms into optimal solutions for our customers.

In addition there is a complete porfolio for Software Development where we work on various programs with International companies catering to their needs and requirements with the everchanging dynamics of the IT world.

The company was constituted in 2001 in Pakistan and has been instrumental in providing state of the art products to its customers. At Asterisk Solutions we believe, that best solutions cannot be brought large resources but with meticulous comprehensation and careful analysis of the requirements. Under such concept Asterisk Solutions has collaborations with global vendors for cost effective solutions without compromising the quality of the product. In the present day era where technology interprets the economics of the entire world, it is imperative to undertake operations that will be pivotal for any organization to stay in line with the requirements of the global marketing keeping the cost to bear minimum. Asterisk Solutions endeavours to facilitate such concerns with high technology solutions, product support and consultation.


With Infromation Technology being the central dynamics of the modern day technology, IT manufacturing concerns have specialized themselves in manufacturing a focused range of products. It is, thus, essential that in order to procure the finest solution, the best manufactured equipment must be integrated. Asterisk Solutions, therefore, has strong alliances with expert foreign organization in order to provide our customers with the state of the art solutions occupied from top quality manufacturers. The services currently offered cover a broad range of NEW, REFURBISHED & USED equipment depending upon the customers need and budget constraints, our Forte has always been the Refurbished and Used equipment and are able to provide solutions according to the financial need of the client

  • Network Attached Storage
  • Direct Attached Storage
  • RAID solutions
  • Tape Archival devices
  • On Line storage
  • Optical storage
  • Archival software
  • Industrial Reusable Cases
  • Work Group Servers
  • Workstations
  • High performance computing systems
  • High Availability systems
  • Enterprise servers
  • Thin Clients
  • Plotters
Asterisk Solutions resolves your requirements by integrating the most reputed products available in the international market. A brief overview is as under: